Nerovision 4 Transcoding Crash

The following has been an ongoing issue for us on successive versions of Nerovision 4:

The output is PAL, 16:9 aspect. The video source is mpeg2 from a JVC hard disk camera, trimmed with Videoredo (Can’t use nerovision, it crashes during editing as well). Here is what we then try to do:

  • create 3 jpeg images, about 800 X 600 - these are the title and ending slides.
  • create a single mpeg video file off the hard disk
    camera, We usually have around 30 minutes of video. Our test file
    in this case is 1.8G in size
  • Start Nerovision 4 and create a new movie
  • Drop two of the jpeg files onto the story board.
  • Drop the video file onto the story board, immediately after the
    first two jpg images
  • drop the third jpg onto the story board after the video file.
  • Apply a crossfade transition at the beginning of the movie
  • Apply a the crossfade to all transition fields in the movie.
  • Export the movie

Here’s what we observe

  • Transcoding commences
  • As the transcoding is near 60% to 70% completed, it starts to slow
    down. The Time remaining value starts to increase dramatically.
  • when it reaches the transition point before the last jpg image
    file, a dialog pops up saying there was an error. No explanation
  • Click OK
  • Nerovision disappears off the radar.

Looking at the resulting file, it is good up to where the last transition occurs.

We have duplicated the issue on a number of WinXP pcs, both desktop & notebook. Most of the PCs are Dell & HP. None except one had other video editing software (Videoredo was the exception).

As we had purchased two copies of Nero 7 we did try Nero for support. It was futile and frustrating.

Although we have changed to other software for our video editing, I’d still be keen to sort this out. Any ideas, anyone?


Nerovision is, unfortunately, pretty buggy. Since you’re basically just authoring and NeroVision is re-encoding your video unnecessarily, suggest you try an authoring tool that does not re-encode. TMPGEnc-Author comes to mind.
If you insist on adding the slides at the start and end, it will require a re-encode, but similar effects can be had with a menu setup.

We need to use the slides at the beginning and end. Were using ULEAD’s Videostudio 11 now and it does a pretty good job and is pretty slick on the hardware it’s on.

It’s just that I hate spending money on something that I can’t get to work :wink: