Nerovision 4 Problem



I’ve used NV for awhile now, but after recently formatting my hard drive and starting fresh and putting nero back on my computer. It wont burn my avi files that i try to convert to dvd. I set it to “(automatic) fit on dvd” setting where it is supposed to fit the avi files onto the dvd. The blue bar DOES NOT exceed the dvd size limit that it shows. It transcodes it and when it is time to burn the dvd it says “There is not enough space to burn this compilation to this disk. please insert another disk” which is funny because i SET nero for the 4.7gb sized dvds and it should not be making a finished product that would be too large to fit on a dvd. The previous version of NV did not give me this problem. I’ve made sure these were NEW, UNUSED disks, yet it still says it, what the heck is going on? The computer recognizes my dvd drive. I never had this problem until this new version of NV came out.


As a workaround, I don’t know how this happens: You could try to encode to HDD first and then burn this compilation with Nero Burning ROM. If still too big, you could try to shrink this with Nero Recode.


I’ve got exactly the same problem caused me a lot of headache at the moment. I usually save the NRG file to my harddrive before burining it into my DVD. With NV3 it is working well and very reliable. However, after I have changed to use the NV4, I never been able to control the file size anymore. Sometimes it come up with 5.1 GB sometimes larger than 6 GB.

I was trying to reduce the quality of the project as well, but the result come up the same. I have tried so many times almost a week already, and it is a kind of waste of my time because doing one project take me 4-6 hours.

I don’t think using Nero Recode is a good idea. You need to take hours to finish this apart from the first step.


Same problem here - Anyone figure this out?


NV 4 has been having problems with .avi files for several updates now. It may depend on the exact type of file, but you might try the newest update ( to see if it helps.

I normally use the clean tool to uninstall and then reinstall, but this time I used the updater and it seemed to work OK.