NeroVision 4 (Nero 7) problems

Hi all

Here’s one for the group to ponder over…

Has anybody had problems with transcoding using Nero Vision 4 (part of the Nero 7 Ultimate suite). I downloaded the latest version in the hope that it would help but it doesn’t.

I get two problems in particular:

  1. Certain mpeg2 encoded files just will NOT transcode and cause Nero Vision 4 to lock solid with 100% cpu usage (end-task is the only option at this point). I have a feeling it is to do with the editor because I can transcode the same file, using the same cut point timeframes, using NeroVision 3 no problems at all. I notice that version 4 tries to cut to a closer time-frame in order to be more accurate and if I place a cut on an interlace field it mucks up good and proper when re-coding (lock solid.)

  2. Even if I can get past the transcoding stage I definitely CANNOT get past the burning stage. It doesn’t matter whether I try to burn directly to a dvd or to a video_ts folder on the hard drive, the result is the same. Locked solid with 100% cpu usage EVERY time!

I am awaiting a reply from Nero but I don’t hold out much hope. I never got these problems with NeroVision 3 (Nero 6 Reloaded) which I have put back onto my pc and which seems to be working fine (apart from a small sound issue I have mentioned in another thread…).

Your thought and discussion would be most welcome…

Hallo I have also problems with latest vers.of Nero Vision 4 and my MPEG-2 files from a Pinnacle USB TV reciever 330e After transcode and burning I have lost a lot of quality.If I try to do aDVD with several TITLES the result will be a catastroph!

In my Nero vision express 3 the result will be perfekt.

If I first in VideoReDo trial version remux to a VOB stream the result will be fine also in vision 4…

Now cost VRD 50 dollars
so now have I installed back only Nero vision Express 3 and I can still use the rest of Nero 7.8 Vision 4 is still there but cannot be used .(After a repair I can use it again.)

It is working well but I hope Nero fix all buggs? in Vision 4 but I wonder if they will .

Nero could perhaps answer here.There are a lot of problems reported on also other forums!!!


Well, I actually got a reply from the Nero team… but it was the usual one… attach the logfile and run neroinfotool… yada yada yada. I already submitted one logfile to them but they don’t appear to have received it (!)

Well I will actually do as they ask (again) and I will send off the results. I will post their opinions and suggestions when they get back to me again. It may be a couple of days tho coz I gotta re-install Nero 7 in between a million other things I have to do.

I will also check out the sound quality that Larsas appears to be having as well (haven’t forgotten… hectic life…)

I have today installed the new version 7.9… but it was the same problem.

I also found an acceptable? solution to solve my problem:

In burning room i make a UDF image file first(10 min) and when I can work with that file in Vision 4 cutting is goes very fast (not a lot of scenes to remove) and the result will be good I cannot not see any lost of quality.