Nerovision 4 merge button always stays grey

i’m using nerovision 4 latest release
i have tried to merge .vob files but i am unable to select both files.
the merge button never turns blue,it’s always grey.
will it not merge vob files
any help


Are you using ctrl-click to select the second file? Or the shift key and up or down arrow?

Do you remember when you imported them were you asked if you wanted to keep them together? I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I don’t have any .vob files to try.

I just saw the dialogue and it asks if you want to merge them on import, which can be done “[I]if their properties match[/I]”. Do the properties of the .vob files you are trying to merge match?

I Don’t know if this is your problem or not. But i have done what you want to do. I first import all the files then left click on the first one then go to the last one , hold down shift and click on it. they all turn blue and the merge button is available for merging. Hope this helps.

thanks for the replies
when importing i do click yes to joining vob files with the same properties
i have not heard this tips before so i will give them a try and report back
thanks again

If you Want them to be all one movie, then click yes. But if you want them as different clips so you can create a menu to go to each one, then click no and they will be added seperatly in the menu.