Nerovision 4 error in dvd description

Hi all

I have the latest pioneer 111d burner. I tried Nerovision to burn 2 x PAL avi files from a camera. The preview looks good. I click on Burn and it gets to 80% and stops wit this error: “unable to prepare data for recording: error in dvd description”

This is burning onto a DL dvd. Manufacture id is ritek d01

Are the any freeware programs to burn 2 avi’s to one dvd? I tried avi 2 dvd but it only burns one video file to dvd.
Any ideas?

The only DL media to use is Verbatim. That Ritek media is pretty poor.

Also it’s far better to create the hard disk files out of NeroVision & then burn separately with something like ImgBurn which will give more control over the layer break.

Yup, mediocre media.

Thanks guys

I updated to the latest version of Nero 7 and now it at least compiled the files into video_ts so now I will try burn in Nero or another program. In the release notes it appears it fixes some encoding bugs.

Also I will look for different media next time.

Used imgburn to burn the video_ts files. All good.