Nerovision 4 crashes when displaying Photo Slideshows, but not movies

First some background. I have two almost identical machines here, both AMD Athlon XP (1800 and 2200) with 1gb of RAM. I just wiped both machines and setup like new about 2 weeks ago.

Then yesterday we tried getting Nero 7 installed so we could use Nerovision 4 to make photo slideshows. I can compose the slideshow just great. If I burn the slideshow, it does play in DVD players.

However, from my faster machine, if I try to PREVIEW it from within Nerovision 4, it crashes immediately and references GCFILTER.AX in its dialog box.

I’m not sure if its even creating a logfile, but if anyone here could tell me how to find it I’d be glad to post it.

The other PC works fine, but its a bit slower and its my GF’s machine. She’d never stand for me using hers all the time to do this stuff, she’d rather I swap them so she has the faster one, but that wouldn’t solve my problem, just give me a work around for now. Plus, who wants a slower machine doing video / graphic processing?

Below is all of the text I can grab from the screen after it asks if I want to submit an error report, and I CLICK HERE to view its details. It references GCFILTER.AX, but that file is identical on both machines, so I am hoping theres something else I can do to my problem machine that will fix it:

AppName: nerovision.exe AppVer: ModName:
ModVer: Offset: 0000deeb