Nerovision 3 problems



I keep getting errors when I try to burn a DVD. For a while I was getting an error that the transcoding could not be completed, but after tweaking somethings I fixed that. And it started to burn, now I’m no expert on computers, but if I’m burning 4.3 gigs at 16x should it take 7 hours to burn?
Also when I got up the following morning my father told me there had been and error and that the DVD had not burned, but he had already closed the program down so I do not have the error report. I have already tryed down loading patches for the program, but all the patches are older versions of what I have.
Any suggestions? I need this to work this weekend because I need to burn a DVD for school…


Try burning the DVD at a slower speed, 4x or so and maybe even burn it to the hard drive first. As someone else suggested, you can then identify where the error is occurring-transcoding or burning.

You may still have a NeroHistory log you could check for errors.


It was during the transcoding, but I removed one of the movies and took the chapters out of another and then it transcoded fine. The last error happened sometime during the burning process. Also, where would I find NeroHistory at? I’ve looked through all the Nero files I can find on my computer.


Do a search for NeroHistory, I never can remember where it is in Nero 6.

As far as NeroVision, I have not tried to do a movie using all the VOB files. I just put them in if I need to edit one and then make a new DVD using just the video. I am also not experienced with whatever process you seem to be using. Maybe if you explained where you started and where you want to end up, someone would be able to explain better than I. Or perhaps use one of the FAQs or articles.

If you have a complete Video_TS folder, Nero Burning ROM can burn it. Nero Vision is for editing video and making a DVD.


I pulled up Nero, went to “Make DVD” then “DVD-Video”. Then it comes up with a screen that shows how much space I have left and a place to add videos from files on my computer. I go through the files, find the video I want and then add it. You can go through and put chapters in the movies, but I don’t so that’s a non-issue. Then I set up how I want the menu to look, then I clicked “burn”.
I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
I believe all the video files I’m using are mpeg.

I also can’t find NeroHistory anywhere on my computer.


Try burning the project to the hard drive. Then you won’t have to go through that time wasted during testing. You should get a NeroHistory log when you do that. You are searching for just NeroHistory, right? It should be somewhere in a Nero 6 folder., I believe.

If that works, then burn the image using NeroBurning ROM. Make sure you look for a Burn Image option.

In general, folks seem to have problems with using media the burner does not recognize (need firmware update), or bad media. Also not having the DMA turned on for the burner could cause problems, and burn the project at a slow speed, like 4X.