NeroVision 3.0 chapter problem

I have Windows XP, home edition, 512MB, 80Gig, ATI Wonder Pro, Nero, and Realtech AC97 soundcard.
I have made a DVD with two chapters and want to able to set it to play etheir chapter and return to the Main Menu. I can edit the captures, make the movies and burn to DVD. Right now on the “create chapter” screen there is only “one” chapter showing in the preview screen on the left.

On the “select Menu” page the “Menu” screen indicates (two) “chapters”.
When I click on the “more” (>>) button I get the options; “start playback with” it is set to “Menu”. The other option is “when finished playing a title” it is set to (jump to main menu).
When I burn to the DVD, there are two chapers on the DVD, and when I start play at the beginning of the (first) chapter it plays in this order: 1st chapter>2nd. chapter> returns to main menu.
If I start at the second chapter it plays second chapter and returns to main menu.
What am I doing wrong ?
Should I go back to the “create chapters” page and recreate the “chapter” marks ?