NeroVisio audio problem



I used Nero vision to create a NTSC DVD from a PAL format.I can play each sement of the files I import before importing but the finished disk has no audio. Also when I insert the files into the movie string I can preview them in a seperate window but they do not have audio either. Should I be able to view and hear the segments I select for insertion into the movie? Thanks.


Preview windows have no audio. Test it for real.


Well i’m not so sure that you don’t have audio in a preview window. Import a file in NVE, and i guess you’ll hear some audio. :wink:


If the stream is without errors and the required codecs are installed, maybe.

But with professional authoring tools you have no preview with audio, IMHO.


Do you have any idea why the audio is not being recorded? I have generated a few coasters trying. When I go to the files that I aim to import. I can play them with audio, but it is not there after I burn the project. I am using Power DVD to play. Thanks