NeroTestAPI no exe file and .cpp file has errors

Hi there,

I am trying to develop a Java program for organising my mp3’s and potentially burning them.

Naturally the program would act only as a front end for the burning part.

I have looked into the Nero SDK as that would provide the best, immediate, solution for me. The documentaion says that the samples directory should have a NeroTestAPI.exe file, but it is not there.

I found a cpp file, which I loaded into a C++ ide and tried to compile. Now I am not a C++ programmer so have no idea what is going wrong, but it is not compiling. All the include files a referenced propery, but I am getting errors like “invalid conversion from ‘BOOL()(void)’ to ‘void*’”. Does anyone have a compiled version fo this file.

I am having a few problems getting cdrdao to work on my machine, and I know that nero works, so figured I wold use it in the short term.

NeroCMD, doen’t give me control over the pre-gap before each track, so it’s not a good solution, but seeing all teh parameters that NeroTestAPI take sin and how the readme says it works, i think it would be great.

Any help would be appreciated