NeroSDK questions

Hi to all,

I’m developing an aplication in VB 6 that need to write a DVD. (Like photoalbum).

When I release it, the final user will need a full Nero Installation to use NeroCom dll?

And, it’s possible to develop a menu inside for user DVD navigation from VB and NeroCom?

Thanks for advance

Taken from the license text file,

You may distribute your APPLICATION SOFTWARE in object code and/or source code form
only provided that (i) you advise your customers that for the burning process of
your APPLICATION SOFTWARE a license of Nero Burning ROM must be acquired and
available for each computer of your customer and you advise your customers that the
initialising of NeroAPI-Engine on the processor of the customer must have been
completed successfully,

So to your question, if you distribute, they must acquire a Nero license.