NeroSDK 1.08, Nero 6.6, DVD burning issue

Hi community,
I’m very glad that I found this amazing forum, I found already somoe really usefull stuff, but I’m stuck on one issue.

I got an implementation using the Nero SDK 1.08 and a Nero API version 6.3. This implementation is able to burn multisession CDs and DVDs and everything works fine so far. Furthermore Nero Vision 2 Express was installed on that machine.

Now I tried to move the software to another hardware and I installed Nero 6.6 so far, the Nero SDK version is still 1.08. After some trouble, I’m able to burn CDs with single and multisessions. But I’m struggeling with burning DVDs. I’m convinced that I may have something to do with the Neroversion installed but I’m not quite sure, because the implemenation works on that other machine.
The implementation starts mastering and quits while writing the lead in of the DVD. I can exclude the DVDs or the data which shall be written because both work on the old hardware.

Are there any know limitations using Nero SDK Version 1.08 with Nero 6.6 ?