Nero's tools to check accurate VCD burns, which is best?

Hi everyone. I’ve been burning VCD’s using Nero,(using TMPGenc VCD-ready mpeg 1 files converted from AVI.). I’ve been using Mitsui Gold 12x 74min CDR’s & Kodak Ultima’s Silver & Gold’s 80min CD-R’s. (Using an Asus 4012A, all at 4x speed burns.)

The finished VCD’s play fine on WinDVD (via my Liteon 52x CD-Rom), on the PC,& also my Toshiba SD-2500 standalone DVD player.

I’ve been checking the burnt CD’s using Nero’s CD speed tools using “CD Quality Check”, “Scandisk”, & “File Test”.
I’ve been finding that the “Scandisk” tool will report typically between 0.2%- 1.5 % yellow sectors on a number of the burnt disks,though not all.

Rechecking these burnt disks using “CD Quality Check” can again on occasions report yellow lines on the graph for a tiny portion of the check & report typically between 8-400 errors though for example it’ll report
“280 errors 0.00%”.

Finally, on ALL the burnt CD-R’s the Nero “File Test” will report “0 errors” ,even on the CD’Rs that might have 0.24% yellow sectors using the scandisk.

I’m intending to delete the original Mpeg files from my hard disk to free up some space, but I want to be sure that my burnt VCD “Dat” files of those mpegs are “safe” so that I can always reconvert them to Mpegs again or recopy them to a new VCD.

  1. Which Nero test would be the most accurate in determining my burnt VCD’s (& their mpeg “DAT” files), are okay? (escpecially for reuse)

  2. If the “file test” Scan disk reports 0 errors,can I assume the VCD/DAT is okay despite any yellow sectors that may be on that disk? (albeit only a small percentage,if any)

  3. why would the CD quality check tool report errors but next to the errors it’ll say 0.00% eg: “280 errors 0.00%”.

As I said originally, the actual VCD’s play fine on both the PC & my DVD player, I just want to be sure the mpegs are safely burnt so I can delete them off the harddisk.

The one difference I did note between the File test utililty vs. Scandisk & CD quality check was that the File test would read at 12x where as the other two tests read as much as 35-38x speed, would that the difference in results?
Thans for the input,I’d appreciate some answers!:confused:

  1. File test
  2. Yes
  3. 280 out of Millions (dunno how many) would be something like 0.00001% (just guessing , but you get the point) , so rounded to 2 places is 0.00%

If you really want to make sure your mpeg’s are safe just burn to a normal data cd as a backup, there is more error correction on data cd’s , so if your vcd gets scratched you can re burn it from the mpeg on your data cd