Nerorobo questions


Firstly excuse any blatently stupid questions, im new to the nero sdk, and package itself.

I am building a cd duplicator robot at the moment, and am looking at several different ways of controlling it. NeroRobo looks ideal, as it integrates nicely into nero, but the manual says its limited to two drives. Does anyone know if this is going to be fixed in the next version? Is there a workaround to this problem? I dont really want to invest time developing drivers for nerorobo if it will never do what i need, but i could put up with 2 drives for now.

I assume that if i was to write my own cd burning app with nero api, i could get round the problem by controlling the writing process, and commanding the robot in my own program, but this seems quite a long winded option.

Is there any way to write different discs simultaneously? I have heard that NTI backup now supports this functionality, and it would be great to have support for automated backups spanning multiple disks.

Is there any support in nero for writing laserscribe disk labels to multiple drives simultaneously?

sorry for all the questions, but i am waiting on some parts to test things out, and being impatient i thought i would ask here whilst i wait.

ok, i have just come across a post on the forum stating that nero sdk has no support for multiple drives. Is this still the case? Does anyone know if this is going to change? The reason i ask is that i have seen proprietary software for cd duplicator robots that is based on nero, that write to multiple drives.

Failing that does anyone know of any other companies with SDKs that dont have such limitations? Personally i would like to use nero for this, but i need to be able to support at least 4 drives, if not all 8.