NeroMIX - first PreView (in german!)



I just posted the article NeroMIX - first PreView (in german!).

For those of you who are interested a little bit in some news & the latest Screenshots of Ahead’s new Software NeroMIX I’ve written a short preview (only in german, sorry!).
You are all welcome…

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Looks very good… only i shall always use Nero … more options :4


The Retail version already now is for DEM 49. (The demo version will appear in the middle of June) 1. CD Burning Play; listen on the fly on CD burn From your MP3s you create to DS for up to 10 hours sound benefit In and out fade, tracing length vary, CD Text write () Important data and programs on CD - ROM protect Backups of original DS in the hand turning Disc RK Once BURN Proof () Just-Link () * If Recorder supports it 2. Digital music Audio CD, Twin-VQ, WAV, MIDI or Internet radio ( ) - finally Play or listen without headaches create and play! (MÚ and PLS Play list support) Audio TRACK directly in MP3 , Twin VQ or WAV ribs Changes of a digital format in the other one () Labeling songs of records or cassettes directly on the fixed disk get (audio cable is provided with the Retail version) Laborious typing was yesterday - by Internet data base you and artists of your CD Collection called titles automatically off () . That 20-bound Equalizer and DSP effects supplies the ultimate sound Store your personal adjustments for the Equalizer In the Shade mode remains free the display and the music continues to play Arouse music for living and did not gestlaten you ever seen 3D-Animation with the Nero animation studio * Nero MIX can convert up to 30 songs in the MP3 - format. For this the newest Fraunhofer conversion technology of the institute is used. Plug in for the unlimited use of the MP3-Enkoders can be ordered comfortably over our Web shop and you at the next working day by email one dispatches. More information to the MP3-Enkoder you find here. ** Internet access necessarily. The user carries all fees resulting in connection with the Internet access Provider and the Internet access 3. Creative Covers Titles and interpreter of the Play list take over automatically Text-und of pixels simply the Cover adapt Pictorial material quite easily inserts Let from mad special effects become enthusiastic, as they are to be found normally only in professional diagram programs Select from the extensive label list or add you your own label sort simply :4 That’s the best conversion I can do!


Hi KNEEON! GOOD translation! :4 …that “little” program is really very nice. Look forward for the DEMO-to come so all of you can test it!


Anyone wants a link??:7


Burnarchive, hi- :slight_smile: Think it’s time to get on ICQ, and chk yer messages! :wink: Later!