NeroMAX released - but no DEMO available!

I just posted the article NeroMAX released - but no DEMO available!.

burnarchive used our newssubmit to tell us that NeroMax, Aheads version of Nero for the Apple Macintosh has been released, but that you can’t download a demo on the Ahead page.

NeroMAX has been…

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… Or you will have to get a warez version in order to get it even if you were willing to just buy it!!! Yet again the idiots in the industry force people to warez in order to get things they would be willing to pay for

WTF you talking about, people are going to copy the shit anyways w/ or w/out Demos Nigga please! :8


Well, looks like the ‘No-Demo-Available’ isn’t completely true! Because for about, let’s say 2 weeks, a NeroMAX beta release is available at a ‘Well Known Recording Software Page’… :slight_smile: Sorry, freaks, but I can’t link the direct URL here! :frowning:

Hi Freaks, just wanted to let you know about, coz me got eMail asking where to get a demo - and Yves, I already noticed :8

I would like a copy so if anyone has a warez copy of neromax please e-mail me. Thanx ----Stkshft----

Hey, I’ve posted this “news” already in MARCH 2001 :4