Nerolinux worked were K3b wouldent

hay yall I’m new to this linux stuff but I’v got my box duel booting windows ME & ultimalinux 8.1 using defalt vmlinux 2.6 kernel HOWever it apperes cdrecord (wut K3b uses ) dosent like my burner a cyberdrv CW088D CD-R/RW so the dev. over at ultimalinux suggested I try nerolinux so I downed the trial ver. tgz. used the packedge manager to install and WALA one audeo cd burnt from Mp3’s downed with bittorent ( allreadey instald and working in ultimalinux ) :bow: nerolinux worked perfectley out the box for this on my distro. I must confess I havent tested eney other feture yet I wus so exited at a sucsesful burn I ran strate hear to coment. :smiley: will test the rest and get back with resalts :iagree:


That’s good news…I have had it go both ways…where Nero would have trouble with a DVD image and recognizing the correct media to write to and K3B would work…however this is the exception for me as I tend to use Nero for everything that it DOES work for. What is nice about Nero is that it’s not a front end to other programs…as K3B is. It has its own API and carries with it all that is needed as one package…no dependencies (except for the GTK libraries for rendering)…and this is a nice approach. I think that you will continue to see improvements in the program…as I have been using it since it’s initial release and they have fixed bugs and other issues with every release since (about 7 releases so far, I think)

Look around the program…and find subtle settings and things…sometimes they aren’t all that easy to find, but they are there…

Good luck