NeroLinux won't burn WAVs to an audio CD?


I downloaded Nero (the most recent version provided by Gentoo Linux), and I installed it with my serial number from Nero 6. Everything seems to work fine, except creating audio disks. When I drag .wav files down to the file pane, they don’t display the musical note icon like in the manual, and when I burn them to a CD, it burns as a data disc, not audio. My CD player reads it as one track of around 60 minutes, and no music is played. Nero will let me preview the WAVs using the little “play” button in the lower right hand corner, so I know they play OK, but somehow they don’t get burned as audio.

Is there something else I need to do in order for these files to be burned as audio? I tried it with a few different WAV files from different sources, but none worked.

You have to drag and drop it to the second pane ont the bottom (the track editor)… and everything should work fine :slight_smile:

Thank you! That was my mistake, I was putting them in the File System Editor instead. My, that’s non-intuitive. :slight_smile: Still, NeroLinux is much better than xcdroast. Thanks again!