NeroLinux with Video-DVD?

Well, why isn’t this feature present in NeroLinux? That’s the only reason I still have to have a windows partition and dual boot…

Also the biggest part I miss with nero :frowning: Nero is nice, but I still use k3b because i have to :slight_smile:

NeroLINUX now supports DVD-Video and miniDVD. You can now burn a complete DVD-Video structure (VIDEO_TS/AUDIO_TS) with NeroLINUX and play it back on a standalone player.

Okay. Now i want the function to shrink a dvd and burn it on a Single-Layer Media on the fly :wink:
Just Jokin’ G

Naaaaaaaaa, why just joking, Marduk? Isn’t it our job to be the never satisfied customers? :slight_smile: Always demanding more?

Nero Recode indeed would be nice for Linux. Integrated or not in NeroLinux, put it please on the wishlist for me, mathf. :slight_smile:

Anyway, the Video-DVD burning in NeroLinux should save me a lot of time, thank’s for implementing it!

P.S.: Just thinking … NeroVisionExpress Linux …