NeroLinux vs K3B

I’m very glad that Nero has decided to support us Linux folks but at this point considering K3B’s achievements can anyone enlighten me on what are the strong points for NeroLinux? What does it do that K3B cant? Lots of feedback if you have it please.
Is Nero more likely to burn and bypass some protections?
I’m just asking because I while back I did write to nero asking them to consider porting. I had a few problems with K3b then but don’t have them issues now. So since I asked for it I do in a since feel like I should support it with my $$$ but at the same time if its not really beneficial to me then maybe Nero jumped on board a little to late.
If there is no real benefit to using Nero over K3b then maybe I should take that money I would have used to buy NeroLinux and donate it to the K3b project for doing such a great job.

Strong points of NeroLINUX:

  • Provides an alternative to cdrecord (and others CLI apps)
  • Can write pure UDF CD/DVD
  • Supports UDF up to 2.5 for importing multisessions (bypass kernel driver)
  • Understand ISO, NRG and CueSheets images
  • Supports DVD Double Layer
  • Internal hotplug to handle USB and FireWire devices
    …and lots more :wink:

If you have more specific questions, feel free to ask.

Well, I used K3b since XCDroast was no longer actively developed. Now that there is NeroLINUX I use that exclusively. My reasons?

[li]Nero burns any combination of my ogg/mp3 files as real audio-cd; K3b often does not burn the exact same combination for no understandable reason, it just complains about stupid things
[/li][li]Nero copied every kind of disc (DVD/CD) so far; K3b does very often not (try to copy a multisession CD or a SVCD, I never managed to to that)
[/li][li]Nero does not rely on KDE-Libs (big plus since it often may be the fault of such fast evolving things that k3b has problems with certain things)

I still like K3b for it’s neat KDEish design and extra functionality (e.g. videoencoding), but it too often caused me to use other software because it had problems of various kinds. K3b has the better usability if it comes to config-dialogs and ease of use in some areas, but I think Nero will catch up with this in future releases.

killing argument: proprietary and maybe patented.

i will not accept any sw without a free (code) license, where i could contribute and fix bugs myself and do distributed QM/QA.

i will not accept arguing with dumb hotlines and waiting months for bugfixes in next binary releases (proprietary sw’s quality management always requires).

i will not accept companies “learning” (or “stealing intellectual property”) from qualified oss-developers and companies that maybe rerelease it modificated in proprietary closed source binaries (who could control?) and maybe pushing the software patents desease in europe.

besides you can download it only if you register and pay the full windos version.
so buy it and you’ll pay the ms pest.

use it and kill linux and oss with such “stuf” next years.

"# Nero burns any combination of my ogg/mp3 files as real audio-cd; K3b often does not burn the exact same combination for no understandable reason, it just complains about stupid things

Nero copied every kind of disc (DVD/CD) so far; K3b does very often not (try to copy a multisession CD or a SVCD, I never managed to to that)"

@ccde (or ahead maketing division) hör mal zu “stupid”, k3b is mainly a frontend, dvd+rwtools and cdrecord does burning! so report bugs or contribute pls instead telling us such crap.

god help us if linux gets mainstream, I’ll hope it never does.

be all glad with windows xp and just dont violate gpl and dont fight us with software patents and “microsoft style” agressive market policies.


@ woppr: (one and only comment concerning you troll)

a) I am not working for Ahead, I’m a Linux guy working for IBM and HB in Germany (integrating e.g. big SANs). I know how to code in C++, Java and some smaler scripting languages. Guess I am not that stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

b) If you dont want proprietary software, just dont use it (and dont bother us with your ideology)

c) as I mentioned: k3b’s probs are often caused by it’s underlying apps; but it’s not of the ordinary users concern to care about those if they just want to use a burning app

d) Linux will become mainstream, and that’s a good thing; you dont like MS, your thing (me neither); but it’s a broad ‘userbase’ that makes Linux strong; it will happen … maybe you watch out for another thing you can keep privately on your computer

e) commercial applications are sometimes better than free ones (sadly sometimes just because of licensing and patent things … thats a shame,I agree with you on that)

f) go brush your tooh, your Mum is coming soon to sing you a lullaby :wink:

g) I still like Nero AND k3b

h) peace

i) back to seroius discussion

I’m a longtime linux user (Most of you people were still playing lego I guess). But why are fanatic people all saying “He it’s Linux, so it should be free the rest s*cks”. I dunno but people saying this are clueless, Linux is about choice and there is a place for free and commercial software even on Linux. For example we use enought commercial software on our linux servers (oracle/tapeware etc etc). FREE not ALWAYS fits the job! As CCDE said: go brush your tooh, your Mum is coming soon to sing you a lullaby :slight_smile:

Back on-topic: I use both Nero (because of the points math told) and K3b (I like to have choice). My main problem was that my PLX712a had problems with K3b(cdrecord). With Nero I can burn stable …

I am a 100% linux user my self. Ive totally converted over about 3 or 4 years ago.
I have no problems paying for quality software closed or open so long as its in my opinion reasonably priced and within my budget. The ability of fixing the code my self means nothing to me since I cant code in the first place and depend on developers one way or another. My linux game collection is all paid for and all closed source.

Anyway K3b currently does everything I need it to without a problem. I have no problem handing my $$$ to nero if I really needed there software but I don’t. Instead I think my $$$ is better spent donated to the K3b project and although I’m glad to see nero on board I’m not rich and cant just hand over $$$ to everyone who notices us.

It is sad to see half these post are people who think software should be free. How are these people going to feed there families? And the fact that you have to buy the windows version to be able to download the linux version is kinda weird. I don’t see how MS gains money from a nero purchase. If nero pays some license I’m sure its not based on a percentage of there windows software sales. But it does strike me as weird though and technically its not free since it requires the purchase of another piece of software. But seems like common practice to say something is free even though there is strings attached like a free printer but you have to buy a computer.

I am new to linux only switching to it over the last year or so. As far as k3b and Nero…I like using a combination of both. Sometimes k3b is what I need, and sometimes I need a feature of Nero.

I have to give Nero props for not going with the standard kernel drivers and cdrecord software for their burning engine. I have seen other companies use open source software like that. I am sure Nero will get better with time, let us not forget that NeroLinux is brand spankin new, while k3b has had a long time to develop and evolve. I do wonder why NeroLinux is so radically bare compared to the god-like power (in my opinion) of its windows brother.

K3b works well for me. I purchased Nero6 and only installed what I wanted to use in Windows XP. I’ll probably try NeroLinux just to see what it’s all about. But I’m not in a hurry and will check forums for problems. But, K3b does what I need to do and does it very well.

I haven’t been happy with any of the linux burning options. I’ve used Nero for years. One of the first legit pieces of software I owned on a Windows Box. I’m glad they brought it to linux… However, since I’ve upgraded to an AMD64 distro… I haven’t been able to use it.

I would use K3B, but frankly am not too fond of KDE and it’s applications, with the exception of KDEwebdev (best web-coding software I’ve ever used). So I’ve been mucking around with Eclipt Roaster, GnomeBaker CD/DVD Creater, and Graveman. The all work decently, but I still prefer Nero. It’s familiar and easy to use.

Why did they choose an obsolete Toolkit (GTK 1)?? It should have been written in gtk+2 or in QT.

I personally prefer k3b, but its a good thing to see commercial software ported to run natively on linux, wven though the mandatory purchase of a windows license is another thing that i cant understand. (I dont mean it should be free, I do mean that there should be a way of purchasing a linux license directly).

Maybe future versions of NeroLinux can beat k3b, but the current falls short, in my opinion.

Not using a GUI program for burning media, the
main reason for me to consider use of NeroLINUX
is the fact that it offers an own independend
way to write to the burner device.

Currently Linux lacks of alternatives for CD
burning. There is cdrecord which is maintained
by Joerg Schilling (who hates Linux) and
there are udftools which do not run on
unaltered kernels. (Although there are signs
that newer distributions allow to write directly
to CD-RW (and DVD+RW) via /dev/dvd without the
need for a special writer program.
Just like: cat image >/dev/dvd
That looks much like the work of udftools.)

An example from one of my users :
cdrecord on Linux does write ISO-images of up
to about 100 MB but refuses to even start a
write if the image is larger. The drive seems
to object some address info sent by cdrecord.
With Nero under Windows the drive works fine.
(Regrettably i got no feedback about wether
NeroLINUX would work for him. Probably he only
got an OEM version.)
For me and with my drive, cdrecord works
flawlessly. My luck.

With DVD the situation is a bit better.
We got growisofs, cdrecord-ProDVD, udftools
and even an unfriendly fork of cdrecord
named dvdrecord. In general, the compatibility
of media and burner devices is a big problem.
Buying DVD-RW seems to be pure gambling.

cdrecord-ProDVD got the disadvantage that it
does not allow to write streams to DVD if the
length of the stream is not known in advance.
(So i have to announce a generous estimation
and pad up the stream to that amount. Pffft.)

growisofs is the DVD program of choice right now
but regrettably Andy Polyakov (who is a really
good guy) seems not to have much time for
further work on it.
K3B’s DVD capabilities are based on growisofs,
as far as i know.

I would like to encourage the programmers of
Nero to offer a way for non-interactive burning.
(It should accept arbitrary streams at stdin as
well as from a buffer file on disk. Not only
ISO9660 or .nrg .)
Another nice feature would be if NeroLINUX allowed
to create plain ISO images non-interactively, too.
That way we would get an alternative for program
mkisofs which is powerful but also quite a bitch.

Maybe one day we could see K3B running on top
of NeroLINUX.