NeroLinux serial number



What can I do to get the serial number for neroLinux2. Do I need to register it and how much does it cost because i haven’t seen any reference to the fees on nero’s webpage at all?


Well, you need to have a Nero 6 Reloaded license (for Windows that is) to download the Linux version. You can either updgrade from an older 5 license or buy a new one (only the serial online or a real package in a store near you). I payed 60 Euro for the packaged version just to get the chance to download the Linux software. Did not regret it so far … in the hope that Nero will continue to port some more apps from Reloaded to Linux.


You do not need anymore to register a full Nero 6 product to download NeroLINUX. It is available from a specific page, as trial version.