Nerolinux Serial Number

I looked all over the nero site for the place to order the serial number to unlock the demo of NeroLinux and i couldn’t find it. Does anyone know where to get buy the full version?


Looks like they want you to buy Nero 6.3 and register.

> Looks like they want you to buy Nero 6.3 and register.

Are there any plans to change this so people can register the Linux version directly? Personally I find it extremely unlogical to have people register the Windows version so they can use the Linux version.

That’s like having to eat a steak first when you ordering a fish dish in a restaurant.

I for one would be interested in the possibility of just buying / registering the Linux version. And it would be really cool if OEM partners would be allowed to bundle the Linux version with their hardware just like they do with the Windows version.

I.m.n.s.h.o. Nero on linux will be fighting an up-hill battle if they keep this scheme in place. (And probably withdraw the linux version due to lack of interest later on)


Many people who use nero are users who either used windows previously or are dualbooting between windows and linux. and consider the fact that most OEMs bundel Nero for windows with thier products.

I suppose the forced registeration for Nero 6 serves two main purposes:

  1. Users who own Nero for windows (many people do) and OEM users get to have nerolinux for no additional charges or a little fee for OEM users.

  2. Nero Inc. gets to avoid building a new process for payment, marketing, managing users and serials, etc etc. Also they get away with no formal support for the product since it’s provided as a free value-added product for thier customers. New users or users who won’t use windows have to pay alot to get so little compared to windows users (there is no full nero suit like there is for windows. etc) but I think that’s not a problem they’re considering right now ~_~.

DISCALIMER: I do not work for Nero Inc. nor do I have any relation with Nero Inc. execept being a customer. :slight_smile: