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I just posted the article NeroLINUX Review.

NeroLINUX is Nero’s first application to run on the LINUX operating system and Nero AG was kind enough to supply us with a serial number so we could fully test this application.

In this review we will be putting NeroLinux through its paces and seeing what this application has to offer to the LINUX user with CD/DVD burning in mind.

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Some comments: - Taste is personnal, but still. 95% of the comments I’ve read about NeroLinux didn’t find the interface elegant :wink: A recent version of GTK or Qt would be a serious improvement. - What’s so positive about the fact that NeroLinux is free if you have the Windows-version? If I want to use it, I’ll have to buy an expensive Windows-version with far more features. A version I will never use. So that maks NeroLinux really expensive! - Solid application?! Under Windows, not crashing would be a positive point :B (That’s a joke before some starts flaming) Apart from that, good review. Glad to see there is some interest in Linux-burning. Will you make a K3B-review too? :wink:
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Usless, sead my Datawrite was TDK !:frowning:

Sorry to say but Visitor but I think your incorrect. DVD identifier does work. DVD identifier identifies disc’s based on MID. I assume that the datawrite disc is a so called datawrite titanium disc based on the posts on the forum. The Datawrite Titanium disc is based on TDK’s specifications and was made by a manufacturer who also makes this TDK media for TDK. However while this disc was supposed to be made with TDK technology and based on TDK’s specification. There is no guarantee about that the quality will be as good as the TDK media sold through TDK because of the fact that budget brands may use lower graded media. The identification of the code is correct at least up to the level as the software goes. In case of technology outsourcing DVD identifier identifies the original technology supplier of the stamper. Which means that there is no difference between the disc’s made by the original owner of the code or the party who manufactured the media for them in case of the official products. Because these product s are made according to the standards and specifications of the owner of the code. Now for the nitpicking people who say that dvd identifier can not identify products correctly with borrowed codes. (like I said already above.) In case of officially borrowed codes. 1 Officially borrowed codes mean that the media has to perform based on the specification of the technology supplier. Which means that there is no difference between the disc’s made by the original owner of the code or the party who manufactured the media for them in case of the official retail product. In case of code abuse. 1 Usseing codes without permission is illegal ! (The original owner can take action against the abuse of the MID.)- It’s a so called fake product. 2 However up to some level it is possible to recognize fakes with DVD identifier in some cases.* (So even in that case DVD identifier proofs to be a valuable tool. * example as shown in the german computer magazine C’t 14 2005.(27-6-2005) I hope this clears up the case if people still have questions then ask them on the forum.
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Generally agree with the reviewer of this software; however, I would use the term “primitive” to describe the interface. Nothing elegant about it. As for free … as a registered Nero 6 customer, Ahead never offered me a free copy, but happily accepted my money for a serial number. And yes, it does need more work. The venerable K3B has more going for it than NeroLinux.