Nerolinux on Pardus



Lets start with saying that I’m a Newbie in Linux. So if I ask stupid questions, excuse me. Maybe some of you didn’t even hear about it yet, but there is a distro out there called Pardus, which I’m using.
Pardus doesn’t support rpm’s. It has its own .pisi packages. But now I want to install Nerolinux I extracted the contents but all I see is 3 folders bin, lib and share. In the bin folder there’s only 1 file named Nero and the properties of this file says its an executable file but I can’t do anything with it. I also can’t do ./configure or something.

I’m really a newbie in linux.
So any detailled info on how to install this will be appreciated.


This should be all compiled for you…no configuration necessary…copy over the entire
directory to something like /usr/local (as root…recursively)…make a symbolic link in your path like /usr/local/bin and you are in business…

To make the sym link (substitute the real names of the directories…as I’m just guessing no) like this:
As root
#ln -s /usr/local/nero/bin/nero /usr/local/bin

After that you can just type “nero” in a terminal and you will run the program…
You can also create an icon on your desktop or make a menu entry in your menu, depending on what desktop system you are using…

Also…use the latest version…which is…I don’t even know where you found that original old version…