NeroLINUX now available in Gentoo Portage

Hey guys,

NeroLINUX- is now available in Gentoo Portage as app-cdr/nero.
Have fun!

Wolfram Schlich , Gentoo Linux Project

Hey Wolfram,
thats great news.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

/me does an “emerge sync” :slight_smile:

Thanks! Now you have me installing GENTOO again. I thought I broke that addiction last year. Oh well. Bootstrap and a few movies…

That’s nice to hear.
But there is one thing I want to ask. Is this allowed by nero inc. ? I mean… They still don’t offer the download freely on the website. Why would they allow this to go?
Enlighten me :slight_smile:

makosama, look how this works

# emerge nero
Calculating dependencies ...done!
>>> emerge (1 of 1) app-cdr/nero- to /
!!! NeroLINUX- not found in /mnt/mandrake/opt/distfiles

!!! app-cdr/nero- has fetch restriction turned on.
!!! This probably means that this ebuild's files must be downloaded
!!! manually.  See the comments in the ebuild for more information.

 * Please download NeroLINUX-
 * from
 * and move it to /mnt/mandrake/opt/distfiles
 * You have to register a valid Nero 6 serial number with the
 * above mentioned web site to be able to download the file.
 * Also, the program will only work in demo mode for a
 * certain period of time without a valid Nero 6 serial number


hehe :slight_smile: that’s one of the nice things with Gentoo – you’re not tied to distribution licenses when not distributing the software at all :slight_smile:

I see radfoj… Very nice indeed
so that basically means you’re not downloading nero from gentoo’s portage system, instead you have to download it manually :stuck_out_tongue:

ok … i cant seem to get this installed… get this message in gentoo

!!! Problem in app-cdr/nero- dependencies.
!!! “Specific key requires an operator (app-cdr/nero- (try adding an’=’)” exceptions
wondering if nay help on this?

Have you added something like “app-cdr/nero- ~x86” to /etc/portage/package.keywords? Try doing what Portage says – prefixing this line with an “=” :slight_smile:

Any chance of getting the vertion in portage? :slight_smile:

Hello All,

I am a Brand Spanking New Gentoo Community Member… and I just figured out how to “unmask” packages.

You have to do an emerge like so:

emerge =app-cdr/nero-

…as well as have it added to “/etc/portage/packages.keywords”.

You can add it by typing this into the command line:

echo “=app-cdr/nero-” >> /etc/portage/packages.keywords

Hope this helps. I had a B* of a time figuring out how to unmask packages.

I <3 NeroLinux3… it rawks!