NeroLinux MP3 to Audio CD

I have been using Burning ROM for producing audio CDs from MP3s. When I try to do the same with NeroLinux I get a popup that informs me about some mpg123 site, but I dont understand what this is all about. Can someone please explain how to create the CDA disc from a mp3 collection.

You need to install mpg123 in order to convert (with nero) mp3s into audio-format. I’m not sure what distro linux you use, but if it’s RPM-based I’m pretty sure you can download the rpm from somewhere.

Most distributions does not include anymore this utility due to licensing issues. But, anyway, if you follow what is written in the dialog that pops up, everything should work fine.

I went to the website and there was a message that the project was discontinued due to security concerns. I downloaded the player that was available but when I ran “make linux” there was a long list of assembler error messages:

decode_i586.s:44: Error: suffix or operands invalid for `push’

BTW, I am using Fedora C3, 64bit.

Is it possible to install this in another way, or are there other alternatives?

You can also use mpg321… and make an alias to it :slight_smile:

I was not able to install mpg123, it did not compile. Are there any rpm distributions for fedora core 3 64bit available?

Be carefull! There are 2 packages that we are talking about:

  • mpg123: seems to not compile under x86_64
  • mpg321: an alternative to it (earlier versions was not working correctly with NeroLINUX, that why it wants mpg123 by default).

You can find a 64bits RPM here:
(found in 5sec. with Google)

Thanks, got it with yum (sorry for the confusion with 123). Now how do I go about setting it up as an alias for Nero?

as root:

ln -s /usr/bin/mpg321 /usr/bin/mpg123

This just created a symlink on your system, so that when mpg123 is run it actually used mpg321 :wink: The other way of doing it is in Nero’s configuration screen (File Types) ~ change the “mpg123 -r 44100 -s --stereo -q -” in the Filter Name for mp3 to “mpg321 -r 44100 -s --stereo -q -”.

I haven’t tried this myself, but I presume it works.

Yes this is working. We tried it with some new versions of mpg321. The fact is that, on old distributions like Red Hat 7.2, the included mpg321 version will make NeroLINUX hang.


I had nearly the same problem, but it´s still not working. Installed NeroLinux as OS is SuSe 10.0 running. I managed to install mpg123 for 64bit processor and a small wonder happened: I can hear mp3-tracks with Nero, but if I try to add these mp3 files to an project they appear like a simple data track. Nero shows just the filesize and not the play time. Tried to use the precache function but no effect the project. What do I have to do that I can burn an AudioCD from mp3 files?

I can´find the correct button…

Thany in advance if someone has an idea :smiley:

Hi Arndt,

you need to choose the “Track/Filesystem” dialog in the bottom of the Nero application.
There you have 4 dialogs. “Files”, “Tracks/Filesystems”, “Burn”, “Log”.
You need to open the second “Tracks/Filesystems” and add the MP3 files there.

The frist dialog “Files” will create a simple data disc with MP3 files and ISO filesystem.


Wow, it works :bigsmile:

It´s the first time I´m using Linux and there are so many battles I´m fighting with the system and yet there are some programms which won´t do what I expect they should do :frowning:

Thanx a lot, the first I´ll do is to burn a compilation with soul songs.

Have a nice day,