NeroLinux hangs whith ext. HP CD-Writer+ 8200a

I have installed NeroLinux in my Red Hat 8 with kernel 2.4.29.

It works very well with an internal Samsung DVD-DL writer through ide-scsi emulation.

It also recognise an external USB HP CD-Writer+ 8200a as: " Device= HP CD-Writer+ 8200a , ID=0 , Adapter=usb-storage-1 , Adapter No. 2 , Status=OK ".
However when it tries to access this writer (i.e.- by choosing it as the recorder) NeroLinux freezes and it blocks my whole KDE session. I have to Ctrl-Alt-F1 to a text console to kill NeroLinux in order to get back to my KDE session. Also the HP CD-Writer becomes unaccessible to any other programme unless I either physically unplug it or reboot the system.
Please note that both cdrecord and cdrdao work perfectly well with this recorder.
This wole thing also happen if I try as root.

The manual says on pg.42 section 5.12, that if an external USB device hangs “…This is due to the USB/FireWire driver controlling your device. Updating your kernel should solve your problem…” However I found no mention of problem or USB patches with my kernel No. 2.4.29 both on google or , so I don’t know what I could within the 2.4

I would be very grateful for some help, thanks.

Looks weird, as normally, USB external devices only freeze with some old kernels (2.4.5 or 6 I do not remember exactly).
When you kill NeroLINUX, is your device still working afterwards? Does the device contains a medium when you choose it under NeroLINUX? Is it mounted?

Thanks for the prompt reply.
Here is the extra information:

-"…When you kill NeroLINUX, is your device still working afterwards?.."
No! The device is no longer accessible by any programme. I have to either unplug /replug it physically or reboot the system to make it accessible again.

-"…Does the device contains a medium when you choose it under NeroLINUX?.."
I tried both with a blank CD in and with nothing. NeroLinux hangs either way.

-"…Is it mounted?.."

Also, after the killing NeroLinux and loosing the device, I tried as root to run “modprobe -r usb-storage” to try to unblock the device, but I get a message saying that the device is in use.

Please let me know if any other info is needed. Thanks.