NeroLinux GUI



Current version is using Gtk+1 for GUI which is cough ancient cough compared to current GUI toolkits. I myself like to use KDE/Qt for programs I write but I guess Qt’s licensing was a possible problem for Nero ( though even Adobe is using Qt now ) . So I wonder if you will improve the GUI a bit like port it to GTK+ 2?


As meantioned on an earlier post (below), they used GTK1.2 because they thought it more compatible with the older versions of Linux that they wanted this to run on. I thought that a reasonable response, however, GTK2 would be nice. Maybe they can build a version with GTK2 and provide both, like the Mozilla Foundation was doing for quite a while.

Either way, I’m not so interested in the “prettyness” as I am the function, but a nice front end would be better in the future…


Mozilla doesn’t support Gtk+1 afaik. As far as functionality vs prettyness I say functionality+prettyness :wink:


Well, I THOUGHT that Mozilla did, however, yeah, it’s all the new stuff now. Hey, I agree…BOTH would be nice. But function is STILL MORE IMPORTANT that pretty. I would bet that they come out with a GTK2 version in the future…maybe alongside the other version! We’ll see! I still haven’t done a whole lot of burning in the last days so I haven’t exploited this software the way I would like yet…I’m getting to it!