Nerolinux dvd9 files truncated on dvd image

On creating an DVD9 image, I have noticed that all of the large files ( 500MB+) are Truncated.

I am using Nero Linux on Redhat Enterprise 3.0 WS Update 6.

Has anybody else seen this and is there a fix?

I have the same problem
this is a show stopping problem
I’m on suse 10 with nero linux
it turned my 4.2 GB image file into 195 MB

What are you trying to burn? A 4GB+ file in an ISO compilation?

yes ,I have the image (4.2 GB)and a few utils and docs
total should be 4.3 GB

Ok… But ISO file system is limited to max. 2GB files!
You should switch to a pure UDF file system in order to burn your compilation.

maybe I misunderstood your question
it is set to udf