NeroLinux: DVD-R discs fail to read under OSX



Here’s a weird one …

I’ve burned 4 or 5 DVD-R discs today using NeroLinux ( - all are unreadable under MacOSX. The most you’ll get is any subfolders and, if you’re lucky, files without icons. When you click on any file, it disappears entirely and Finder updates with a decremented file count! Writer is Pioneer DVR-110D with latest firmware (well, as of Feb of this year). Kernel is 2.6.12-1.1381.FC3.R4smp.

At one point I saw that the driver was set as UDF (although I have no idea why or how it became ike that), and I deleted that setting and rewote using ISO9660 with no improvement. Have also tried disabling DVD Compatibility mode. Nothing seems to work but writing the same collection using WinNero works fine. Does anyone have any idea what might be happening here?



Hummm sound really weird. The only difference in the burn engine between NeroLINUX and Nero Burning ROM is that under Linux, RockRidge extensions are added.
Can you try to burn one ISO disc, without RR extensions? (They can be disabled in the preferences dialog, in the ISO options tab).


You nailed it! DVD-R’s work fine now on OSX whe RockRodge is unselected in the ISO prefs.
Also promoted me to go and read up on Rockridge extensions - always useful to know what the little buttons are doing

many thanks :clap:


Ok… But I think that you’re OSX is somehow buggy, because we just burned a DVD (ISO FS with RockRidge extensions) with some mp3 on it and checked it in an iBook with OSX 10.4.5 on it.
No problems at all…


‘buggy’ as in: 10.3.x We don’t all have the latest OSX Service Pack :wink:

thx all for the replies. I’ll try re-enabling RR after testing on a 10.4 system


Our Mac support guy just took some of my ‘unreadable’ discs around the shop, trying them on systems ranging from 10.3.xx to 10.4.5 - no dice. Could this be related in part (or whole) to SuperDrive firmware rev or … ? To be honest, I don’t need what RR provides but I’m still intrigued as to what’s causing this issue on OSX boxes.