NeroLINUX crash (commas in filenames)

Hi …

I have been using NeroLinux for some days now, and beside some verification problems (I use a NEC DVD RW drive) this is a nice product (besides needing to pay for a full windows version I dont use :frowning: ).

But, if I make a data DVD that include filenames that contains commas (like a CVS repository), the program crash hard ! Are there something I shall do to to make this go away, or have I found an error in the program ?


Ok, the new just make a read error when backing up the CVS repository :frowning:

Ok… if you get a ‘Read Error’ that means that some of you have not the permission to read some of the files you want to burn. Just run NeroLINUX as root then, and IMHO everything should be OK.