NeroLINUX Autopackage


I would like to know if you could release NeroLINUX as an autopackage file in addition to the RPM and DEB provided?

Autopackage is an installer which makes it possible to have one-NeroLINUX-setup-file-for-all-Linux-distributions.

Many Linux applications and games already come as autopackages, and I hope that NeroLINUX can be downloaded in the same format too.

Thank you very much for listening to my suggestion!

Best Regards,

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Now that’s a nice idea, indeed. I like the Autopackage system, it either installs system-wide or in your home directory. Auto distribution handling etc. It has a lot of potential.

Although I see some use for people with little Linux experience, I still prefer to do it manually (probably part of the reason I use Gentoo). That way I at least see what goes where, so if/when things go wrong I know where to look. This explains my vote with the options given.

Your post though is different, where you state that it should be in addition to the currect setups. This I agree with, although I would still rather see a default tar.gz (saves many users from having to manually transform rpm -> tar.gz) as tar.gz is universal on all Linux systems, regardless of X, RPM or Debian.

Yes the Autopackage system can be helpful to people new to Linux and has some potential, but most Linux systems already have there own auto install systems like YaST, apt-get, Synaptic, APT4RPM, Yum. I still prefer to do all my installation the old fashion way and do it manually.

Well, there’s always people like us never wanting to not have at least a dozen shells open. :slight_smile:

But one major problem of Linux still is the hazle of software instalations. Take for example the KDE rpm integration. One Linux distribution open’s it’s own install interface when clicking on it, one opens the kde rpm package thing, the other keeps asking what to do with such a file. This is a major disadvantage. If you are new to Linux all you wanna do is click on something and let the “OS” do what’s needed. I “switched” quite some people to Linux system over the past years, all of them never liked the software installation system provided.

Linux is for the masses, so a simple install system must be. :slight_smile:

tis last statement I agree with you… it will be great if a NeroLINUX tar.gz is provided in addition to autopackage, RPM, DEB etc…

anywae, is there a way for me to edit my poll and initial post? seems not…

btw, do Nero devs read this post? If so, I truly wish that the next version will be released additionally as autopackage and tar.gz indeed…

Thumbs up for the .tar.gz.

To be honest, it’s so obvious and standard, i even wonder why it’s being discussed as a possibility here, and not already made.
It’s just common sense.

I have a love/hate relationship with rpm. I prefer a tarred/zipped archive. Usually if it’s a binary and doesn’t need to built, it’s a simple matter of just placing the directory somewhere and putting a link in the $PATH…my PREFERED method. A scripted install is OK too…giving some control over the installation.

The IDEA of a standard, simple install is generally a good one if it gives you some CONTROL, as seems like this autopackage system might.

I voted for the terminal method just because of control issues…and that’s the problem with rpm’s…unless you spin your own, you have a hard time in advance knowing exactly what’s going to happen.

On the other hand, I do enjoy the simplicity and ease of a package install!