NeroLINUX is available!

NeroLINUX is now available at this page.

ChangeLog for this version:

(new) NeroLINUX is now based on NeroAPI 6.6.1

The internal low-level API that NeroLINUX is using has been updated to 6.6.1. Lots of improvements has been added internaly, especially regarding Unicode handling. NeroLINUX will not anymore crash if the locale is not properly set.

(new) Disc-at-once CD overburn is available

A new tab in the preferences dialog allows you to enable the CD overburning mode in Disc-at-once. You can configure the maximum CD size inside this dialog.

(update) Addition of Fedora Core 5 in the recognized distributions.

(patch) Fixed a crash with very large file (> 8 GB) on a samba share when using an old crappy kernel driver.

(patch) Fixed a bug in the ISO size limit detection algorithm

(patch) The Joliet volume name is now correctly grabbed when continuing an ISO multisession disc

Thanks for your efforts, mathf. So far so good with this new build. :slight_smile: .

Have a good day.

Much quicker than promised for this build…lending creedence that Nero really cares about this software…thanks, Mathf!

Hi mathf,
thanks for the quick fixes, and for the post!

I tend to disagree. I have a (pretty much) stock Fedora Core 5, and yet, when installing the RPM, it says “[I]Unsupported Linux distribution. Please copy the ‘.desktop’ file manually.[/I]”.

No wonder, looking at “rpm -qf --scripts nerolinux*.rpm”:

if [ -f $FEDORA_VERSION_FILE ]; thenVERSION=head -n 1 $FEDORA_VERSION_FILE | cut -d ' ' -f4
case “$VERSION” in[INDENT][B]1 | 2 | 3 | 4)[/B]
echo “Operating System: Fedora Core release $VERSION”[/INDENT]

It doesn’t actually check for version ‘5’ at all! :disagree:

And it does [I]place[/I] the desktop file into /usr/share/applications (if that dir exists), but still claims I need to copy the file from /usr/share/nero/desktop/NeroLINUX.desktop manually.

Shall I update your RPM SPEC file? :bigsmile:


Humm… yes our RPM spec file has not been correctly updated :doh: But nevertheless, it should work perfectly on FC5, and you should even have the shortcuts in the ‘start’ menu of your KDE/Gnome.

This may be a stupid question, but I’m just not seeing the answer. I can’t seem to find away to see what the current volume label is on a disc within NeroLinux. I would have thought that Disc Info would have displayed such information, but I guess I’m not seeing it or it just doesn’t. If it just doesn’t, could this be added in the hopefully near future? Also, when I’m doing Disc Copies, why do I have to keep selecting the source drive? Is there not away to save this as a default?

At any rate, this is certainly the best release yet.


i have downloaded this version. and this crashes if the locale is other than en_us.
i earlier reported a problem of crash (seg fault). this was because of non english locale. my current locale is kn_IN [kannada (my local language), INDIA]

it works if, invoked this way:
$LANG=en_US nero

Hello! I have not experienced any problems with locale LANG=fi_FI@euro.

Installed & works flawlessly on my new Xandros 4 Premium and existing Xandros 3 Deluxe so far :wink:

how do you get nero linux? I’m a paid buyer of nero 6 ultra for windows. But my main computer is a linux box, and I’d like to try nero linux - that is, if its anything like the windows version. I know nero came out with a beta linux version quite a while back, but I heard that it wasn’t anything great… so I have been waiting for a “real” linux release to get made.

Check, it is a real product, no longer beta, and works rather well. I personally use it all the time.

Hi snafoo,

As already pointed out in another answer: You do not need to buy a separate license for NeroLINUX, you can use your existing Windows key, if it’s for a non-OEM version.

Well, it’s not like the Nero suite under Windows. It’s more like Nero Burning ROM under Win.

Just give it a try, and see if you like it more than what you’ve been using so far under Linux. :slight_smile: And check out the fine instructions, they show quite clearly what its capabilities are: (Don’t get shocked by any configuration stuff if you have a fairly new distribution. NeroLINUX worked out of the box on my Fedora Core 5 ["[I]FC5[/I]"] box.)

Good luck and have fun,

thanks ! My current linux distro is mandriva 2006. Formerly I used FC 2, 3 & 4.

I’ll go to the website and check it out. I bought the windows suite at a Best Buy, so its not OEM.