NeroLINUX 2.0/3.0 Download



Something interesting happened when I attempted to download NeroLINUX.
I ended up downloading it twice. The first time it downloaded as NeroLINUX 2.0. The second time I downloaded, it was named NeroLINUX 3.0 - same filesize.
I am using Novell Linux Desktop and although NeroLINUX appeared to install no icons where created. I attempted to run it by typing nero in the commandline but I received an error. I’m unable to give the error right now because I’m on a dual boot system and unfortunately on the windows xp side :frowning: Has anyone else run into problems with installation into NLD? Thanks.


Are you saying that you think that there is a new version already? I haven’t downloaded for a while, and I have version

I wish that they would POST ON THE DOWNLOAD site the CURRENT VERSION number so that it is easy to determine what it is. THIS IS A SUGGESTION!!! Hopefully someone will read this and pass it on to whoever does the web site…

I also think that it would be nice for them to change the procedure. For people who have PREVIOUSLY registered, we should be able to use a user name and a password to get to the download, rather than getting that stupid long number every time.

Anybody have a problem with that? (sorry that this didn’t answer your question…for that I step back for someone else to answer…)


The 2.0 -> 3.0 thing may be browser related. I remember Firefox renaming an already existing file like that.

I think there’ll be a real user-area on (soon?). If you read carefully while registering you read something like “…with entering your personal password you agree to become part of the personal nero user area…” (freely translated from the German registering-page). I suppose this will be the place for future downloads etc.



firefox does rename downloads so its just probably that


For NLD, the icons get created in the Multimedia menu. I installed it and it works perfectly (so far).

I will need to see the error before I can offer any suggestions (other than it does work with your distro).


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Hey, when will they post on the WEB SITE what the current version is? I know that it’s now, but if they update it, how will they let us know? Will they PLEASE post the current version number on the website? Please?


There is a change from FC3 to FC4’s version of firefox so that the download manager increments the version number when you retry the download.