NeroLinux 2.0.1 Is media fussy



SUSE 9.3 Drive: LG GSA-4163B
ATHLON 2.6 GHz Media: FUJIFILM DVD+RW “Up to 4x Write Speed” [NO par Number]

I have the hardware described above.
I have zero (zilch, none!) problem to write a DVD-RW at 4x using K3B (k3b-0.11.22-3) and it is also readable witout any problem.

But Nero (nerolinux- just refuses to write this media, stating it is of the wrong type.
I had another similar problem (media related) that I cannot recall with Nero Linux.

But with regular CD, NeroLinux just works just fine.
It uses a bit less CPU time.

Hopefully Nero will sell on the same CD Nero/Win and Nero/Lin same or close version number, but for the moment achieving full functionality is more important.

All for now.


Have you selected DVD in the recording options tab (the third one, starting from top) ?