NeroLINUX is available!

NeroLINUX is now available at this page.

ChangeLog for this version:

(new) NeroLINUX detects if the user wants to open an image with ‘file/open’

If you try to open an image file (ISO, NRG, CueSheet…) via the file/open dialog, NeroLINUX will now detect it and directly show you the burn image dialog, and not anymore an error dialog saying ‘Unable to load the compilation’.

(update) OGG track size detection utility dependancy changed

In previous versions the ‘oggtst’ utility was used to detect the OGG files track size. We now replaced it with ‘ogginfo’ that is normally installed in all distributions.
Just make sure that your version is up to date, otherwise you might get weird track size.

(update) Addition of Linspire 5.0 in the recognized distributions.

(patch) Fixed a bug with glibc 2.3.90 that was causing an application crash.

Well, nero linux runs quite well, but will we ever see a major release like 2.1 in the near future? We need more features. :slight_smile:

Mathf :Startup time (of NeroLINUX) has been greatly improved (starts up in 2 seconds ± now ~ previous versions about 8 seconds), even though all the startup checks are on. Is this correct, or are the startup checks not working (I don’t plan on crippling my system just to check ;-))?

ccde : What new features are you looking for? Personally I’m quite happy with “simple”.

General comments / ideas :

[li]Command-line burning would be my #1 requests (for auto-backups). At the moment I have to use other programs to backup my server (no X or GTK) to DVD, but I would like compatibility (all burning using NeroLINUX), as the two just don’t work together.
[/li][li]The options to not save layout (as default) each time I shut off NeroLINUX. 99% of all my burning to DVD and CD is a one-off burn, and I very seldomly need to save the listing. Is this possible to make configurable (something like “Save current compilation on exit [yes/no]” in options, and each time having to click “No” is quite annoying :wink: ?
[/li][li]While on the topic of closing NeroLINUX, the popup that always appears saying something like “Nero is shutting down” (or something, can’t remember) is not visable here (just a grey popup with no text), except on the very odd occasion. Maybe it’s my setup (distro = Gentoo), but neither my old workstation, my laptop, or my new workstation show this text, except on the very odd occasion. Bug maybe?
[/li][li]Maybe the possibility of defining default startup directory (filelist browser) in options? At the moment it’s either $HOME or /, but the options to change $HOME to another directory would be greatly appreciated.
[/li][li]Removal (or “greying out”) of “Finalize disc (No further writing possible)” when DVD Medium Type is chosen. This just confuses newcommers I think as it applies to CD, not DVD. While on the topic, “finalize” = “finalise” in English (UK), although finalize is recognised and quite widely used, it’s just not “politically correct” :rolleyes:

Just my 5 cents worth. Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Well it’s nice Nero does maintain Nero active. But would be cool for some nice features like the cover editor (I don’t know a good one for linux) and LightScribe :slight_smile:

it’s correct to do rpm -Uvh nero… or it’s better to erase older release and install nero…

Thanks for the comments…
@axllent: We will take your request in care… It is always nice to know what users wants :wink:
@collinm: No problem at all. Normally everything should be kept (shortcuts etc…)

ideas : add incd support to linux

idea: don’t even distribute incd on windows, damned abomination!

I would like to recommend overburn support to be added as a burning option.

i’m glad that the ogg track size detection has been fixed. :slight_smile: i hope on the next release .flac and .aiff will be added. :bigsmile:
oh…please add dvd-audio support? :bigsmile:

I for one vote for InCD type packet writing (I used InCD all the time under XP…very useful). Plus, I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem, but every once in awhile Nerolinux will shorten the name of the files I’ve saved (DVD+RW disc). As an example…nerolinux- will be shortened to nerolinux_2.deb or nerolinux_2.0.deb. Folder names, and the files within the folder, are not affected. As you can imagine it’s a bit irritating when this occurs because I then have to track down the correct name for the files and retype them in. I don’t know if this is a known bug or not but it has happened to me on a number of occasions. I use Ubuntu. Have a good day. :cool:

I vote for InCD, too :iagree: It’s my most missed function under Linux :sad:

I’d like to select 2,3,4 etc disks (or copy) to burn.

my wishlist:

More burning options like iso mode, iso extensions (joliet, rockridge, long filenames, etc…).
Having a choice when burning data DVD as iso only, iso/udf udf only. (my xbox won’t read a data dvd created with nerolinux as it has problems with the iso/udf mode).

lightscribe! that would be a linux first… :clap:

Don’t want to be hijacking this thread but packet writing is a.f.a.i.k possible with udftools.

I have just installed it and it looks very good.
Once I have burned a few disks, and assuming all goes well, I will definitly change from Demo to purchased version.
Will Nero keep up with new Kernel versions and Distributions?
What is the “Pay for upgrade” policy? i.e just on major Nero upgrades or also dependend on Distribution/Kernel?

OK, so far so good.
K3B can’t handle my DVDs for some reason so I tried NeroLinux.
Works like a charm (except for handling myriads of small files).

Before giving the company any money I would very much like to know the future plans for NeroLinux. Having been burned once by a major (Windows) company (Borland) abandoning a product (Kylix) for Linux I do wonder.

Should I wait for K3B to handle my DVDs or give some money to a company that has a product that works now. Will development of NeroLinux continue in the future?

Martin S

my wish: add overburn for dvd

possible to burn dvd iso but leave the cd open for futher sessions ?

When will there be FLAC support?

This is pretty basic people. I’m currently using Gnome Baker to burn my audio CD’s. So basicly unless Nero supports FLAC there’s no reason to keep multipule burning software installed. Come on FLAC is pretty basic in the *nx world, why doesn’t Nero support it?