NeroLINUX is available!

NeroLINUX is now available at this page.
You can now also buy a standalone license for it on the onlineshop.

ChangeLog for this version:

I[/I] Layer-Jump Recording support for DVD-R DL

Layer-jump recording (LJR) now provides multi-session burning of dual-layer DVD-R media. In other words, data can be added to a medium over several burning sessions, with the sessions appearing in the sequential order in which they were originally recorded. Both Nero and the burner manufacturer’s firmware previously only supported disc-at-once (DAO) mode meaning data could be written to a DVD-R only one time.
Unlike dual-layer recording, in which data is first written to one layer and then to the other, layer-jump recording alternates between both layers during the burning process, thereby evenly distributing the data between both layers. The written area of both layers expands evenly outwards with each burning session. This means adjacent layer areas always contain data, resulting in a reduction in background noise and better signal quality. This, in turn, leads to higher read compatibility even on DVD-ROM drives.

Please note that NeroLINUX is now the first and onlyone that provide full support for Double Layer DVDs !

I[/I] DVD-Video and miniDVD mastering

As many of you has requested this feature, NeroLINUX is now able to burn DVD-Video and miniDVD so that they can be played back on a standalone player. Therefore, a new recording option has been added beside the recording medium type. Please note that NeroLINUX does not make DVD authoring: you have to have the DVD structure (VIDEO_TS/AUDIO_TS) before.

I[/I] User is now able to select ISO track recording options

A new tab has been added to the preference dialog box to let the user specify some ISO options for recording a data track:

  • Recording mode (only for CDs): Mode 1 or Mode 2/XA
  • Joliet Extensions (with relax mode)
  • RockRidge Extensions

I[/I] Sounds can be assigned to burn process results

Also requested by some of you, you can now associate sounds with specific events, like a successful burn process.

I[/I] ‘Burn Image’ dialog that shows image info and burn options

After selecting an image, a small dialog will pop up, showing you information about the image file, and let you select some recording options and the destination medium type.

I[/I] ‘Copy Disc’ dialog now has a burn options tab
I[/I] Takes care of the file system capabilities for the support of large files
I[/I] Improvement of the ‘Choose Recorder’ dialog. It now displays the firmware revision of the device and if it supports overburn
I[/I] Improvement of the FreeDB support
I[/I] Addition of the following new distributions:

[li]Fedora Core 4
[/li][li]Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
[/li][li]SuSE Linux 9.3

Some additional bug fixes:

[li] Fixed crash with audio CDs that has extended FreeDB info
[/li][li] Shortcuts are not anymore lost when upgrading the RPM package
[/li][li] Host adapter names are not trimmed in the ‘Choose Recorder’ dialog anymore