NeroLinux wont burn my DVD image...... [solved]

Solved, I am a moron… :doh: :doh:

It keeps telling me I need cd’s for a 4gig iso.
There is no place to tell it it’s a dvd that I have seen…

Any ideas???

I searched but didnt find much…

I went to Recorder, burn image, selected my iso, then it spits the tray out and says it wants a cd…

Heres a screenie of the window.

I know it is not yet very user-friendly… but don’t worry: this point is one of the improvements of the version that will be out very soon :bigsmile:

I was just wondering about that! I’m enjoying the application, using it about
HALF the time now (that’s more than 10% before)…and looking forward
to continued improvements. Let’s call it just a little “rough around the
edges” yet, but I see a LOT of potential for this application! I only need
cover designer now!