NeroGetCDInfo() returns 0, NeroGetLastDriveError() returns NDE_NO_ERROR



In my application, I have a call to NeroBurn() followed by a call to NeroGetCDInfo(). The call to NeroGetCDInfo() is there to calculate the amount of free space on the disc after the burn completes.

This normally works, but intermittently I find that NeroGetCDInfo() returns 0, and NeroGetLastDriveError() returns NDE_NO_ERROR. All subsequent calls to NeroGetCDInfo() return 0 until I eject the disc and insert a different disc.

Does anyone know why this would happen? Is there any way to recover from this situation, other than to eject and insert a different disc?

The program is written in C++ using Nero SDK version 1.06 and Nero version

Any help would be greatly appreciated.