NeroFiddlesNET (Burn Folder Recursive with NeroCOM in C#)



Hi all,

I’ve been browsing and searching this forum for more than an hour yesterday - looking for .net sample code with basic burning functionality using NeroCOM, but with no success :frowning:

It’s true that there are a lot of working VB examples and that even NeroFiddles example works when upgraded to .NET in VS.NET 2003, but it’s a shame that there were no at least example here.

So I made it from scratch in C#. It has the functionality of NeroFiddlesCOM example and I’ve added BurnFolderRecursive and some (but not much) diagnostic stuff…

Example is attached to this message or you can download it here: (26KB).

If you prefer VB.NET, use Convert VB.NET to C# for conversion.

Example is not perfect and is very far from complete…

I would be glad to improve it if people from Ahead would include it in future NeroSDK distribution…


Srdjan Markovic
Senior Software Developer, Visaris Ltd.


Thank you but a full featured C# sample will be included in the upcoming version of NeroSDK.


thans msrdjan.


thanks msrdjan.




sorry, nebie with .net, I tried to compile strait “out of the box” the NeroFiddlesNET example you provide but I got this error :confused: :

D:\dev\NeroFiddlesNET\NeroFiddlesNET\NeroFiddlesNETForm.cs(450): Method 'NeroFiddlesNET.NeroFiddlesNETForm.drive_OnDoneCDInfo(NEROLib.NeroCDInfo)' does not match delegate 'void NEROLib._INeroDriveEvents_OnDoneCDInfoEventHandler(NEROLib.INeroCDInfo)'

don’t have a cue of what is missing, can you help me!!!