NeroExpress HELP~!

Well, I guess if I wasn’t having a problem, I wouldn’t be posting this. But to cut to the chase, I’ve burned CD’s and what not before, with no problem. But as of lately, Nero isn’t reading the blank CD’s and doesn’t automatically start like it normally would. I’ve tried opening the program myself and burning a CD… but still doesn’t work. For some reason the program is just not reading the discs. I thought it was the brand I had bought, and exchanged them for the brand I had before - but still nothing. I open Nero, build a burn list, click burn and it gives me an error message telling me to ‘insert a blank disc’ And I already have!! :sad: I’ve re-inserted the CD’s, taken them out, blown on them, inspected them, made sure there’s nothing wrong with the discs themselves. Reinstalled Nero, but I still get the same error message… so PLEASE~! Im begging y’all… if someone knows something that I don’t, or can atleast give me ideas of what’s wrong and what I can do to fix this problem :frowning:
Much Appreciated

mate I`ve burned cds b4 and what a pile of crap nero is, the most difficukt sofware to understand… good luck

Try a different brand of blank CDs sometimes Nero has a hard time recognizing some off-brands.