Neroexpress 3 and cpu usage

when i burn dvd with nerovision cpu usage goes upto 100% and sometime freezes anybody know why and how to rectify the problem
thanks :bow:

Nero Vision is very CPU intensive. If you are having trouble, try changing the thread priority to normal or below normal. This will allow your computer to treat other cpu processes with higher priority. If the DVD you are burning becomes unplayable, it maybe that there was not enough processing power, and a computer upgrade needs to be considered.

i tried what you said still freezes task manager says process running but it as frozen my computer is a time computer with AMD athlon ™ 64 processor 3000+ 2.00 ghz 512mb of ram graphics all-in-wonder radeon 9200 lec microsoft chip type radeon 9200 agp. memory size 256mb what would i to upgrade
thanks again for your help

This is a pretty long sentence and the way you typed it it does not make sense. Try some capitals and punctuation - ppl won’t be able to help you if your posts are hard to read.

Freezing can be caused by all sorts of problems.

1st Try and update the motherboard drivers for your system (you need to know what chipset you have, could be VIA, nVidia or AMD’s own).
2nd make sure you have all windows updates
3rd I would probably look at the heatsink you have on that CPU, it may need an upgrade as it could be getting to hot when the CPU has to run flat out.
4th I would look at the rating of the PSU, It may only just cover the systems power needs.

Big system builders will try and cut as many corners as possible when making a system so it could be any reasons.

& yes, video encoding does make your CPU run flat out. This causes alot of heat and the system has to get rid of that heat. Try running with the side of the PC off and a fan blowing into it to allow cool air to enter freely

Make certain you are using the latest version of DirectX

start>all programs>accessories>system tools>system information>tools>DirectX Diagnostic Tool & look under version.

Believe the latest is 9.0c.