NeroEjectLoadCD() how to know load or eject

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I’ve got a small problem with the NeroEjectLoadCD() function of the NeroAPI.

How can I know if the tray of my recorder is open or closed? The function works so I can open and close the tray but there is no way to get the info if the tray is open or not.

I’ll include a load/eject combo button into my app and every time I press this button the tray should open or close depending on its actual position.

The function “NeroIsDeviceReady()” always returns “NDE_DISC_NOT_PRESENT” but no info if the tray is open or not. The NeroEjectLoadCD() function always returns 0.

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I’m having the same question… Since this question was posted in 2003, is there anybody knowing the answer now ?

I feel like there is no such function, unfortunatly… But there may be some trick to find out.

Thank you in advance for any help.


Part of the answer is that you can’t read the CD if the trail is ejected !
The difficulty is that when loading a cd, there is a periode while the CD can’t be read after NeroEjectLoadCd(false) has been called. The trail is closed, but there is a delay before you can read the files.