NeroDrive.OnDriveStatusChanged is silent



I subscribe to OnDriveStatusChanged event of NeroDrive object & do NeoDrive.EnableStatusCallback (NERO_DRIVESTATUS_TYPE.NDT_DISC_CHANGE, true);
But event is silent.

Sample application NeroFiddlesCOM.NET.exe of NeroSDK also show this problem (on Main form). Do clicks on Eject & Load buttons. Drive status does not change.
If you can, check out at yours, is it work?

I use: Nero API version:, NeroCom “from C#”.

Please, help!



See NeroRegisterDriveStatusCallback in NeroAPI documentation:

Please see the documentation of NERO_DRIVE_STATUS_TYPE for restrictions
of the notifications.

Then take a look at the NeroAPI documentation for parameter NERO_DRIVESTATUS_TYPE as recommended:

The disc in the drive has been changed.
Warning: This change notification is based on Windows
notifying about medium changes. If an application has
disabled this notification, the callback will not be called. If you
want to be sure to recognize all medium changes, you should
use timer events and use NeroIsDeviceReady to ask for the
drive status.




I am new to Nero SDK. Please help me out and I have no clue how to solve this problem. Guide me if I am in the wrong thread.

Question: Does NeroCmd.exe has option to split large files so that it will fit in two DVD’s.
(Ex: if I have a Database backup file which is of 6 GB I want to split the backup file so that 4GB will go into 1 dvd and the rest goes into the second)

I just want to mention that we are using Nero Version 6.

Any guide lines or help is appreciated!

Thanks a lot in advance


This is not possible, indeed it is not possible in nero itself!
The best suggestion I can make is to split the file up first by other means e.g. most zip utilities offer this type of feature. Alternatively if the file is only in the order of 6 GB you could use dual layer dvds to give up to 9GB disc space.

In future please avoid posting the same message in several threads, particularly when the original thread does not relate to your question.



Thank you, Oliver M.

Understand & now use timer for monitoring.