NeroDone function / memory




if I compile the NeroFiddles sample application with Visual Studio .Net without any changes, I get the following error message , when I simply start and then quit the “NeroFiddles” application :

“Detected memory leaks in NeroFiddles”

Probably this is due to the lines :

AfxMessageBox(“Detected memory leaks in NeroFiddles”);

Any suggestions?



may be it is due to a return type changed (NeroDone function) in release of Nero. See pag. 90 of NeroApi documentation


This is what the current documentation says:

7.2.14. NeroDone
Call this function before closing the DLL. This is necessary because some cleanup
actions like stopping threads cannot be done in the close function of the DLL.
NeroDone returns TRUE if some memory blocks were not unallocated using
NeroFreeMem. They are dumped in the debug output.
NeroDone returns FALSE if it succeeded.

If it was changed it wasn’t documented.



Hi Bernd

I had your same problem, and I was using Nero engine release
Documentation on NeroDone (table in the bottom) says that before release this function returned void.

Which release are you using?


Ok, sorry. This was stupid indeed.

I am using an older Nero release (, but downloaded the
newest documentation from the web page.

Maybe I should upgrade…

Thanks for your help.