Hi, i’m using the new neroCOM library in .NET but it doesn’t work. It seems that it doesn’t generate events!
Someone knows the reason?



I have the same problem. Any help Please?


Could you please post the code of an example application? Without any information it is hard to find the problem.


All I did was to run the NeroCOM example (NeroFiddlesCOM) through the Visual Basic .NET upgrade wizard, and now none of the events fire when they happen.


In VB.NET I can’t sink any type of event. In VB6 the example NeroFiddlesCOM works correctly but if I try the following code the event OnDoneCDInfo doesn’t fire.

Public WithEvents nero As nero
Public WithEvents drive As NeroDrive

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Set nero = New nero
Dim drives As NeroDrives
Set drives = nero.GetDrives(NERO_MEDIA_CDR)
Set drive = drives(1) 'my cd-rom
End Sub

Private Sub drive_OnDoneCDInfo(ByVal pCDInfo As NEROLib.INeroCDInfo)
MsgBox “CDinfo done!”
End Sub

The difference I’ve seen beetwen VB.NET and VB6 is that when I call the CDInfo method (or other) in VB6 the task VB6 continues to use over 90% of the CPU time even after closing VB6; in VB.NET instead it seems nothing appends.


There seems to be a problem with the update wizard. When using Visual Studio .NET 2003 and the latest .NET framework from .NET it works correctly.


I also declare the NeroCom like this

Private WithEvents nero As NeroCOMdll.Nero
Private WithEvents drive As NeroCOMdll.NeroDrive

N.B. NeroCOMdll was generated using tlbImp.exe and then apply the abovementioned KB

then in each event i did this

Private Sub nero_OnFileSelImage(ByRef FileName As String) Handles nero.OnFileSelImage


This seems to be a sollution for .NET…
Steve mentioned a Problem with the NeroDrive CDINFO methode…
the CDInfoDone Event doesn’t fire also in VB6…
i’ve got the same problem…
and VB6 also takes 90% CPU and more - even after closing the the testapplikation and VB6 itself.


When I use the Visual Studio .NET 2003 to upgrade the neroFiddlesCom sample, it gives me the following error:

Upgrade failed: Exception occured: Could mot load referenced components:

What could this be?


You’ll have to install VB6 or at least download the missing files and register them e.g. “regsvr32 comdlg32.ocx”


The problem with calling CDInfo has been fixed in the newest version of NeroCOM. So expect it to be included in the next update of Nero. Thanks for reporting!