NeroCOM virtual multisessions -- I need help too!

I know, there are a ton of threads devoted to this, but I can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong. It’s driving me quite batty.

The situation: Nero 6.6 (Downloaded the latest a couple days ago), therefore NeroCOM 1.3. The program is a simple backup program that burns multisession backups to CD or DVD. I can burn, I can gather files, I can even burn multisession CDs. DVDs, however, are tricky. At first, I didn’t even know about the need for VMS, but now that I’ve put the code for VMS detection in, I still can’t create multisession DVDs. The first burn works just fine. The second burn fires OnNonEmptyCDRW.

I’ve debugged a ton, and I’ve figured out that my code does successfully import the previous session (I can walk through the NeroFolder and print out the contents), it just won’t burn a second session.

I think I’m operating on a less than full knowledge of the NerCOM API. I’ve got the SDK documentation, but that doesn’t have anything on multisession. The only thing I can think of is that there’s a problem with the actual call to BurnIsoAudioCD itself. Perhaps the flags, perhaps the burn options, perhaps other arguments. Note, for example, that I set CDExtra to False. What does that do, exactly? I can’t find any documentation on it, and I’ve searched the threads here. The same goes for CDStamp. I pass Nothing since that’s what every example does, but why? What’s it good for? I capture it in OnDoneImport2, but never use it.

What am I doing wrong?

Anyway, here is the relevant code. Variable names are pretty descriptive, so I won’t bother with the declarations. Trust me when I say they’re type correct. I’ve stripped out some error checking code, and extraneous stuff not relevant to my problem. Code is in VBA (MS Access 2003):

' the "DoBurn" method is actually a condensation of several scattered 
' methods -- I don't want to clutter the thread too much.
Private Sub DoBurn()  

                  + NERO_BURN_OPTION_USE_JOLIET _
                  + NERO_BURN_OPTION_USE_MODE_2       
                  ' I added mode 2 as part of my debugging. not sure 
                  ' what it adds, really.
    BurnFlags = NERO_BURN_FLAG_WRITE _ 
                + NERO_BURN_FLAG_CD_TEXT            
                ' CD_TEXT was also added during debugging. I'm also 
                ' not sure what it does. 
    If Not Finalize Then
        BurnFlags = BurnFlags + NERO_BURN_FLAG_CLOSE_SESSION
    End If
    ' Finalize is a user option, but I am 100% certain it's not set 
    ' (and therefore I only close the session, not the whole disc) 
    ' during my first burn. 
    If Drive.Capabilities And NERO_CAP_BUF_UNDERRUN_PROT <> 0 Then
        BurnFlags = BurnFlags + NERO_BURN_FLAG_BUF_UNDERRUN_PROT
    End If
    ' defined below -- loads CD information
    If CDInfo.Tracks.Count > 0 Then
        ' defined below -- imports previous sessions
    End If
    Set BurnRootFolder = buildFileList          
    ' builds files from filesystem and imported session
    DoneBurn = False
    Set isoTrack = new NeroISOTrack
    isoTrack.Name = BurnTitle
    isoTrack.RootFolder = BurnRootFolder
    isoTrack.BurnOptions = BurnOptions
    Drive.BurnIsoAudioCD BurnTitle, SessionTitle, False, isoTrack, _
                         Nothing, Nothing, BurnFlags, _
                         0, CDInfo.MediaType
                         ' 0 selects fastest speed. Last argument 
                         ' selects to burn whatever happens
                         ' to be in the drive at the moment. 
                         ' For my tests, I've been using DVD-RW
    Do While Not DoneBurn

End Sub

Private Sub importCD()
    DoneImport = False
    If CDInfo.MediumFlags And NCDIMF_VIRTUALMULTISESSION <> 0 Then
        Dim vmi as NeroVMSInfo
        Dim VMS as NeroVMSSession
        Set vmi = drive.GetVMSInfo
        Drive.ImportIsoTrack vmi.Count - 1, NERO_IMPORT_VMS_SESSION
        Drive.ImportIsoTrack CDInfo.Tracks.Count - 1, _ 
    End If
    Do While Not DoneImport
End Sub

Private Sub loadCDInfo()    
    DoneCDInfo = False
    Do While Not DoneCDInfo
End Sub

Private Sub Drive_OnDoneBurn(StatusCode As NEROLib.NERO_BURN_ERROR)
    DoneBurnStatus = StatusCode
    DoneBurn = True
End Sub

Private Sub Drive_OnDoneCDInfo(ByVal pCDInfo As NEROLib.INeroCDInfo)
    Set CDInfo = pCDInfo
    DoneCDInfo = True
End Sub

Private Sub Drive_OnDoneImport2(ByVal bOK As Boolean, ByVal pFolder As NEROLib.INeroFolder, _
                                ByVal pCDStamp As NEROLib.INeroCDStamp, _
                                ByVal pImportInfo As NEROLib.INeroImportDataTrackInfo, _
                                ByVal importResult As NEROLib.NERO_IMPORT_DATA_TRACK_RESULT)
    If bOK Then
        Set BurnRootFolder = pFolder
        Set ImportedCDStamp = pCDStamp
        BurnTitle = pImportInfo.VolumeName
        MsgBox "Error Importing"
    End If
    DoneImport = True
End Sub

I have the same problem but no nobody helped me!
I hope some help will come here.

Try passing the captured ImportedCDStamp to the BurnIsoAudioCD() method instead of Nothing. A cdstamp is like a unique id for a disc.

Ok, I’ll try that when I get in to work. But let me also ask: Why is it possible to create a multisession CD without the CDStamp, but not DVD?

That did the trick. Thanks!