NeroCOM+VB6: How to burn data CD?

NeroCOM+VB6: How to burn data CD?

If you spent a little time searching this forum you should find what you are looking for.


I’ll never spect so stupid answer!!

Stupid question!!! I dont mind answering any questions I can help you with but am fed up of people you cant even be bothered to try to help themselves.

conde99, your question is pretty general and unison correclty advised you to search the forum as it has a wealth of information. There is no reason for you to react this way at someone who was only trying to help.

You can find a VB sample application in the NeroSDK that shows you how to burn an audio CD. This along with a few posts in this forum is enough for you to build on. If you tell us more about your specific requirements, we might be able to help you but straight answer to your question would take much time and space.

Sorry, I think that is not the way to reply to someone thats asking in a forum. I’ve seen the 30 pages and I haven’t found the same question.

I’ve asked because I’m very confused with the NeroFiddlesCOM sample application. Because the sample application uses the BurnIsoAudioCD method to burn CDs…

I agree unison’s reply had a certain tone but you must understand that you must control yours if you want to be treated with respect. Using words like “stupid” in any context isn’t quite appropriate or acceptable.

Anyway, what exactly is confusing with the sample application? It is rather simple but it shows the main structure of almost every application that uses NeroCOM. You need to handle different events of Nero and NeroDrive objects depending on context. These events provide important information to the burning engine. BurnIsoAudioCD() is used to burn both data and audio CDs as well as mixed content. To burn a data CD you need to use NeroISOTrack, [b]NeroFile/b and [b]NeroFolder/b in order to build file/folder hierarchy. A good example is BuildFileFolderTree() function from this post: