[NeroCOM] Problems Reading CD-R Drives and Speed


i have written following code:

  Dim Drives As NEROLib.NeroDrives
  Dim LW As Long
  Dim Speed As Long
  'Auslesen der CD-Brenner
  Set Drives = frmMain.NeroObj.GetDrives(NERO_MEDIA_CDR + NERO_MEDIA_CDRW)
  For LW = 0 To Drives.Count - 1
    'Eintragen des Brennernames in der ComboBox
    cmbDrive.AddItem Drives(LW).DeviceName, LW
    'Auslesen und Eintragen der verfügbaren Schreibgeschwindigkeiten
    For Speed = 0 To Drives(LW).AvailableSpeeds(NERO_ACCESSTYPE_WRITE, NERO_MEDIA_CDR + NERO_MEDIA_CDRW).Count - 1
      cmbSpeed.AddItem CStr(CInt(Drive.WriteSpeeds(Speed) / 150)) + "(" + CStr(Drive.WriteSpeeds(Speed)) + " kb/s)", i
    Next Speed

first problem:
my cd-rom drive is shown in the list of available cd-r/rw drives. why???

second problem:
i can’t get any speed.
at the image recorder entry i can’t get some speeds too…

please help me