[NeroCOM] OnFileSelImage problem

Nero API, SDK 1.05

This event, INeroEvents::OnFileSelImage is fired when the Nero wants a file for the Image Recorder.

Ok. I can bring up an OpenFile dialog and say Nero what file the user selected.

But what if the user does CANCEL button? What then?
INeroEvents::OnFileSelImage is called again and again regardless of
its return value and value of Filename parameter.
Moreover, call to INero::Abort() inside the INeroEvents::OnFileSelImage has no effect.

How I can stop the burning process if the user has changed his or her mind?

Yes, this is indeed a problem. Returning an empty path was supposed to do the trick but unfortunatelly it does not.

As a workaround, call Abort in the OnFileSelImage handler and return a valid file path pointing to a dummy zero-length file. It needs to be dummy because it will be deleted when the burning is aborted, so don’t use just any file.